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#5 Product of the DayMarch 04, 2018

Laserlike is the best way to discover the world's most interesting content for all topics. You're in full control of your Laserlike feed.

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16 Reviews4.7/5
Hi all, thanks for hunting. We look forward to all your feedback as we are improving the app constantly.
Meet Laserlike — a new app to search and follow all your interests! ✌️
@guillaumebardet this sounds like the complete opposite of duck duck go?
@tannerhchung I personally use it more as a ‘newsfeed’ not so much a browser!

I used it to keep track of company acquisitions as well as topics like game cheats, mushroom farming and product recalls. Then I expanded my interest lists include things like "charcuterie" and "michelin star restaurants in sf". Everything works really well.

The team has a crawler or indexer that doing realtime search and seems to be tracking social media as well. My interests are persistent and I can follow anything. I think was one of the top products Twitter was musing about building in 2017, but didn't.


The best tool for tracking specific interests.


Lots of updates, UX changes have been pretty dramatic.

Definetly a great app to keep up with ur interest and curiosity.


Very quick interest based results around the world.Helps you to find common interest friends and comment or discuss about the same.


Need more user friendly buttons :)

nice way to get curated combination of news and content in general based on your interests


Really nice newsfeed.


Still to see.