High-quality one-off custom engravings shipped from DTLA



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Eric Friedman
Eric FriedmanHunter@ericfriedman · Partner @ BlockTower
My friend @trevorkmarshall, who is multi-disciplined as an engineer/musician/and more, mentioned recently that he was building a better way to create custom laser engraved signs and artwork. To replace the typical ordering and proofing process he built LaserBot, a Facebook messenger bot that makes it super easy to upload images, handle payments, and of course deal with shipping. My other good friends were launching Iterate (on ProductHunt!) and I wanted to get them a sign made so I used LaserBot - here is the finished product ( and they loved it! Using the bot was actually much easier than fumbling with emails and files, and I got my sign in about a week. After trying it out I asked if I could share with you all here to try it out and ask questions from Trevor and his partners, Andrew and Hojoon. With their own engraving facility in Los Angeles and a quick and easy way to take orders, they are ready to make art and answer questions!
Trevor Marshall
Trevor MarshallMaker@trevorkmarshall · eng
@ericfriedman Thanks Eric! My founders and I decided to build LaserBot because we saw an opening in the market for a service that provided high-quality one-off custom engravings, without the clunky forms, slow turnarounds, and murky pricing that is standard in the industry. If you’re an artist, LaserBot is a great way to expand your work to a new medium. If you’re a small business owner, LaserBot is the easiest way to spin up beautiful plaques or signage. LaserBot also makes for a great gift, enabling you to commemorate an event and add an engraved personal message to your recipient. Andrew, Hojoon and I are here to take questions and tell you more about the business, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback!
Lauren Leto
Lauren Leto@laurenleto · SELF
Hi! Cool. Would love to get a logo for my office. What is the pricing like?
Andrew Stenvall
Andrew StenvallMaker@andrew_stenvall · Co-Founder of LaserBot
Thanks @laurenleto! The pricing is based on the size of the artwork you choose. For example: a 6" by 4" piece is just $24 (plus shipping), while a 24" by 18" is $260.
Trevor Marshall
Trevor MarshallMaker@trevorkmarshall · eng
@laurenleto Hi Lauren! To add to @andrew_stenvall, as soon as you upload a photo, you will see all pricing for the three sizes we offer
Niv Dror
Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
Cool 🙂
Trevor Marshall
Trevor MarshallMaker@trevorkmarshall · eng
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv! Pokemon were born to be engraved :D