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Abishek MuthianMaker@heavyinfo · CEO, TIMEBENDER TECHNOLOGIES
Greetings Hunters ! Special thanks to Jack Smith for submitting. ( @_jacksmith ) This is Abishek (@heavyinfo) CEO of TIMEBENDER TECHNOLOGIES, team behind larynx. When we share a content to someone , we expect them to experience the content in the way we intended. Well, it's just not possible with plain old text/link sharing as in that; when the person at the other end click the link it's going to lead them directly to the content leaving your intended reason to share and your opinion about the particular content to pure chance to be received as it is. To address it introducing larynx (,
larynx lets you to share content along with your voice with expression, modulation and in vivid detail. The receiver can read through the entire web content just like before, but this time he can really experience in the way you intended him to experience. The best part being, if the receiver did not have the larynx app installed he can still experience the above in a minimalistic web app and the fully featured mobile app is just a click away. Break language barriers, audio description ! When you share with your voice, you can break language limitations and inhibitions for the person at other end as they can listen to what you say about the content and just watch a gif or video in the content. Who has time to read the entire content right ? well why should one, when you have described the entire content and the purpose of you sharing in your own voice ! High performance with privacy in mind ! Timebender’s went to an amazing extent of building a robust, high performing but at the same time small and privacy proofed app. The android app is just 3mb and the iOS app is of reasonable size and in order to protect the user privacy, we went to the extent of even disabling the permissions being used by default/standard libraries and in the end created an app which access just your Microphone for it’s primary functionality and yeah it doesn’t even access your SD card ! Yes larynx is in fact better in terms of permissions accessed by even default apps on your smartphone ! Sharing goodies ! With better experience being provided for each share, wouldn’t you love to keep track of your shares and where do you stand w.r.t number of larynx shares by you, your friends or the entire world ? well we’ve got you covered you even there with ‘world voice sharing champion‘ . But, with so many shares under your credit aimed at sharing information and knowledge with other – we think you need a bit more credit and hence there’s ‘voice sharing achievements‘ which unlocks a ‘larynx talisman‘ according to the number of shares you make. Me and my team would make sure that from the feedbacks and suggestions received from the hunters here, we would make larynx an irreplaceable tool for bloggers, content-marketeers and a fun way to share content for others. Thanks for your valuable time on this.
Stephen Campbell@stephen_campbell · Chief Mattress Tester
@heavyinfo @_jacksmith How is it different from a web recorder?
Abishek MuthianMaker@heavyinfo · CEO, TIMEBENDER TECHNOLOGIES
@stephen_campbell @_jacksmith Hi stephen, larynx is totally different from a web recorder as larynx's primary function is to allow you to share a content along with your voice to the receiver. Say you are sending a web document and you want to explain about a specific part of the content with bit more detail, now you can do so with your own voice and send it along with the web document through any preexisting app on your smartphone. Earlier, for the same use case you had to follow up your message with couple of other messages or had to call the receiver to explain more about the content. This is just one use case of larynx, there are different web content and we can create different experience for the receiver who receives your content with your voice. Thanks for asking, Feel free to try it out and ask further questions.
Abishek Baskaran@cyberabis · Co-founder, LogBase
An interesting technology indeed! Tested out sharing with Larynx, apart from being fun to share I look forward to the content marketing potential that Larynx has. Will be nice to see if the usual content sharing channels can natively support this kind of a share - like how Giphy works on facebook.
Abishek MuthianMaker@heavyinfo · CEO, TIMEBENDER TECHNOLOGIES
@cyberabis Glad that you liked it Abishek, we are indeed planing to enhance content marketing features in the @larynx_app to improve productivity of marketeers & bloggers. We are eagerly awaiting feedback from users such as you to plan our efforts for the future of larynx accordingly. We are in touch with twitter and soon Facebook to cover larynx features on the feed . With more users, Facebook would probably consider our request. So show some love people !
darby@drawby · creative director, RedTape
Just tried the app, pretty buggy at this point and the design is a bit rough around the edges which brings up trust concerns when connecting my google history etc. noticed the send feedback button doesnt work and crashes the app. Hope this helps
Abishek MuthianMaker@heavyinfo · CEO, TIMEBENDER TECHNOLOGIES
@drawby Hi darby, thanks for the feedback much appreciated. Which platform , if android could you send an error report. The google sign up is completely optional . Please look at the screenshots here - . In the upcoming update we are making it very clear that you needn't sign in if you don't want to. Also please be assured , privacy is our first most priority. If you look at the permissions accessed, we don't access anything else other than the microphone (for recording voice) not even SD card. In fact I'm so confident that there's no other app out there before @larynx_app which does voice recording without accessing even SD card and not to mention you know very well larynx does more than that. I have even disabled SD card access for Google play services. I have put out a larynx #privacychallenge here -
darby@drawby · creative director, RedTape
@heavyinfo im using iphone 6+. I was giving some feedback as a first time user, i dont think my data is being misused per say, but as a designer my initial reaction to any app that i connect fb or google etc, and the look of the app is slightly off it may make some users concerned. Ideally apps are able to build users trust with subtle design cues, for when they cant communicate directly with users on product hunt 😉
Abishek MuthianMaker@heavyinfo · CEO, TIMEBENDER TECHNOLOGIES
@drawby Ha, you are right. I acknowledge that I got access to users and hence I would like to know how we can address it. Btw in iOS, it's showed explicitly that you can sign in only if you want to keep your 'world rankings & share count up to date ' - In the upcoming update we'll make sure it's been informed that it's a Google sign in. As far as other design cues are concerned, our aim for design was keep it 'simplistic and straightforward' . Instead of keeping separate help screens to show purpose, the app's home screen itself serves as a help showing you the apps which you can use larynx with and a simple dialog on how you can achieve it. Once you perform that action, you have very minimal chance of not being able to perform the intended action i.e sharing content with your voice. We have reiterated our design principle through out the app, as you can see the feedback is just a mail (wonder how it could crash then 🤔) and help is just a youtube video ! I would definitely would like to hear your suggestions as an user to improve on that.
AravindhanMaker@aravindh0709 · iOS PM, TIMEBENDER TECHNOLOGIES
@drawby Hi I am Aravindhan, iOS product manager for larynx. I apologise for the issue you are facing. The crash from the mail composer of iOS during feedback is an known apple issue [] but supposed to occur only in emulators and not on real device. In-fact it didn’t occur on the devices we’ve tested as well. So far there has been only one crash from the larynx app since release - . Once again thank you for reporting and we will take care to address this issue in the upcoming build. We are committed to stable and high performing larynx app for our users. Please feel free to ask any other queries w.r.t larynx.