Larry by LawTrades

Personalized legal help tailored to your business over text

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Hey there Product Hunt! We thought of Larry by LawTrades over a few beers to figure out how we can democratize legal services for entrepreneurs. Simply text to ask legal questions, find contracts, book lawyers, set tax reminders and more. Completely free to use, always. No cc required. We’re super excited to get it to the PH family. Please let us know your thoughts -legal is only the beginning for Larry, thanks! :)
@r44d wouldn't this fall under the purview unauthorized practice of law? do you operate in all 50 states?
Hey @benhoffman_ , so larry does not render legal services or give legal advice or participate in representing individuals/business. In other words, larry is not a law firm :) We're an SMS platform that makes it faster, easier, and more affordable to find and hire legal services. It's powered by 100's of lawyers on the @lawtrades platform. We're all law school grads so the mission has always been making legal more accessible and transparent for people.
Great product and amazing service !!!
Thanks @saltzmanjason! Appreciate the kind words
Ive used this before -- cannot recommend it enough!!!
Thanks so much @lizwessel! Happy to have helped your awesome company!
Have used LawTrades twice and they always go great work over there. Loving the new product!
Appreciate the love @adamkornfield! Always a pleasure working with Baron Fig
This is awesome!