1st crypto app that correlates news to price in real time.

Smartchart is now Lark!

Ever wonder what causes spikes or troughs in BTC, ETH or LTC price? As someone with a deep interest in cryptocurrency, I wished there was an app that gave me that info. Lark is the world's 1st cryptocurrency app that correlates news to price fluctuations in real time. Still in pre-launch but sign up to get early access!

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Hey everyone, been very interested in crypto for a long time. I have been very unsatisfied by the apps that are currently in the market for understanding price fluctuations for each of the big market cap currencies. Smartchart is the first step to creating a product that I myself wished existed. We are taking news about major events and rumors and associating them to price fluctuations for each currency. You will finally get context to why BTC has jumped 15% in the last few hours or why LTC lost $200M in market cap in the last 4 weeks. We are currently in pre-launch but sign up and we'll be sure to get you access as soon as we are ready for beta! Thanks PH community!
@jojo_chan Cool product! How are you curating news sources?
@jojo_chan @martijn_verbove We are importing from over many trusted, bluechip cryptocurrency news sources and sorting them based on relevance and applicability to price movements. This will apply to current as well as past fluctuations as we have data.
@jojo_chan @jochan34 Thanks for the feedback, I really appreciate the concept of weighing new against actual results. Best of luck!
I saw similar apps many times. In your opinion, what will make people use Your product over its analogs?
@hr_ant99 I would love to see other apps that have done this already. Do you have any on hand? One of the big things I noticed is that while there are many crypto news apps and also many crypto price apps, there are no apps that associate the two together. The best you can do is check out cointelegraph and read articles and editorials of people writing about what they think is the cause of price trends. I hope Smartchart will be the app that does give you both of those in one easy to read format.
@hr_ant99 @jochan34 I like Is the difference here that you show a full graph to go with the news, instead of just price and percent change?
@hr_ant99 @taniahew Correct. Cryptopanic shows news about price fluctuation aggregated but no correlation directly annotated on the graph.
@jochan34 Ooh Ok. I didn't really notice that huge difference between the apps I saw and Yours. Now, I fully understand the advantages of Smartchart. It truly gives two great tools just in one place. Thanks for your feedback.
Thanks! Like it! When will the beta be released? I've just signed up
@jerome_vbm Slated for early next year. We are working hard to make sure it performs to the quality we would be proud of.