Large Text for Android

Display your text and emojis in the biggest way possible

Get your message across with big text and emojis. Write what you want and show it on your phone, fullscreen. Extremely easy to use.



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Sérgio SantosMaker@sdsantos · Founder & Developer @ Bloco
Hi everyone at Product Hunt! 🖐 This is my first product here 😀 Some friends of ours had made this app called Large Text, a long time ago. I even mentioned it on the Product Hunt Meetup in Lisbon, during the Web Summit. Me and @claudiaacabado decided to redo it for Android, and here it is! What's Large Text? It's a simple and fun app to display text and emojis as large as possible on your phone. Why? • Ask for your beers in loud nightclubs • Share your phone number • Ask DJs for *that* song • Greet someone at the airport • Communicate in between glass offices • Concert fan signs You get the idea... So, give it a try, have fun at New Years, and leave here the feedback! Thanks 🙇 By the way, here's the old iOS version:
@sdsantos Old iOS version looks... old.
Sérgio SantosMaker@sdsantos · Founder & Developer @ Bloco
@maique I'm sure if this new version for Android get's popular, we'll find someone to help us update the iOS version as well 🍎
@sdsantos Please. It looks sooo much cooler than that *thing* on the iOS App Store... Best of luck.
Sérgio SantosMaker@sdsantos · Founder & Developer @ Bloco
@maique Thanks 🙇
Johannes Klingebiel@klingebeil · Innovation @ Süddeutsche Zeitung
@sdsantos @claudiaacabado Haha, I remember you mentioning the app! 😄
João Gonçalves@jpmgoncalves · Product Manager, RedLight Software
"Ask for your beers in loud nightclubs" - nice thing to have when you can't spell your fancy craft beer's name. 😅
Pål Brattberg@pal · VP Engineering, SpeedLedger
@jpmgoncalves There's an emoji for that: 👨‍🎨🍺
Inês Silva@isss111 · Entrepreneurship | Future of Work
This product was built as a result of our Product Hunt Meetup @ Web Summit!
Daniel F.@deleted-342513 · Squirting mustard on things since 2016.
Reminds me of the "Embiggen" app. Looks good!
Sérgio SantosMaker@sdsantos · Founder & Developer @ Bloco
@zefareu Thanks ;)
Jurica Saponja @jurica87@jurica87 · CEO
I had a similar APP back then on my iPhone 3gs :)