Our new large-format 3D printing service lets you print parts up to 11.8 x 11.8 x 23.8 in (300 x 300 x 605 mm)! We hope this will enable you to make things you couldn't before, or things that would have required assembly. From architectural models, to custom signs and product displays, to mannequins, the possibilities are endless!

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This is awesome @jmschwartz11. What do you think will be the most common use cases will be for large printing?
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Hello Product Hunt! Excited to launch this new service today! Our goal is to give our customers an ever-increasing number of capabilities that let them make the things they dream of. Since we started Voodoo, we've only offered what we now call "Standard Format" 3D printing, using MakerBot Replicator 2s - where individual parts could be made up to 285 x 153 x 155 mm / 11.2 x 6.0 x 6.1 in. With only that capability, we often saw customers who were trying to make large things that would then have to be cut up into multiple smaller pieces for printing. This was a suboptimal option, since it would introduce the need to assemble those parts, and then you'd have lot's of seams between your parts (which doesn't look the best :( With our new large format service, we hope to enable people to print things such as architectural models, custom signs and product displays, custom mannequins, component housings, furniture prototypes, or other large parts. I'm sure we'll see other awesome applications pop up too as the service grows. I hope this service is exciting to those in need, and I'd love to hear any feedback you have! Thanks PH! Jonathan
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Are you running a farm of Raise3D N2+ printers? If so, very very impressed. Loving the crap out of my N2+ and Just finished printing a 24" Black Panther statue :) Glad to hear you guys are going for a larger printer farm option now that printer build volumes are expanding and in some cases prices coming down. Keep it up!
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@unclejessy4real Yes! We're using N2+s! Thanks for the enthusiasm!