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@bellebcooper The account page says 'Bookmark limit 1/day', which seems fairly aggressive, if you're suggesting I can only add one bookmark a day. However, I was just able to bookmark two things in a row. Is that a soft limit, or did I misunderstand the limit? Interesting niche approach at bookmarking!
@joostschuur The limit only kicks in after two days, so you can get a good feel for the product right after signing up. We thought 1/day would be a good compromise, as the free plan is essentially a free trial without a time limit, to let you test whether the product is right for you. However, we've been surprised that many people use Larder happily without ever bumping into that limit!
@bellebcooper Fair enough. My own personal, initial reaction was to be very skeptical when I saw the one bookmark a day limit and immediately wonder if I should give it a shot because of it. I think the challenge here is that while someone may not need more than that a day, they may not realize or believe that when they first encounter the product.
@bellebcooper @joostschuur this is a ridiculously tight limit when compared to other solutions like Raindrop.io Stache and others. I'm not seeing anything worth opening my wallet purse for here at the moment. Feel free to convince me otherwise.
@joostschuur That's a good point. I'll keep it mind—thanks for explaining your thought process.
@sassigeeks As I explained to @joostschuur the free trial is designed to let you test whether the product's features suit your needs before purchasing; it's not a long-term free plan. I also explained that you get two days of adding as many bookmarks as you want, so you can really put Larder through its paces right after signing up. As far as the other products you mentioned, Stache is a paid product, so there's no way of using it for free. In that sense, we're actually offering more than Stache. Raindrop.io does have a generous free plan, but we're building a sustainable lifestyle business with a business model to keep Larder running long-term. We've seen many free bookmarking services die or get acquired (Icebergs, Kippt, Zootool, etc.) and we don't want to join their ranks. It's frustrating for users to use a tool that becomes part of their daily workflow only to be left scrambling when the product disappears. Hope that helps explain our decisions.
This is exactly what I was looking for !
@cyril_nb Glad to hear it!
Hello Product Hunt! Larder is very new, but it has lots of useful bookmarking features already: tags, folders, search, import and export, extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and a bookmarklet. We're already working on an API and apps for iOS and Android, but it's also responsive so you can use it in your phone's browser. Our main developer-focused feature right now is the GitHub integration. If you connect your GitHub account, Larder will import your starred repos automatically, tag them with the main language, and also grab the description and details like latest commit so you can see how active your repos are. We find it really handy to have our starred repos in the same place as ordinary bookmarks, so we can browse and search them all at once. If you sign up and notice anything else missing, we have a public roadmap where you can vote for and suggest ideas: https://trello.com/b/0gw1nPAH/la... — we especially want to focus on features that make Larder more useful for developers in the future, so we'd love to hear your ideas.
Love this man!