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Get inspired on building your next idea with Laravel, PHP most popular framework for building modern web application. We showcase the best curated projects built with Laravel, one at a time. New projects featured every few days.

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Stanley Ojadovwa
Stanley OjadovwaMaker@stanwarri · Team Lead, Codulab
Laravel is a contemporary, open source and widely used web application framework using supporting quick and easy tailored web apps designing. Built in 2011, the Laravel Framework is relatively new but it spans the depths & widths of a large-scale web app development. The Laravel ecosystem, right after its evolution has quickly developed into a colossal supportive community and offers an array of learning resources as well as free tutorials. It is one of the reasons that it is widely used by the PHP developers for shaping the diverse web applications. Undoubtedly, the Laravel documentation is simply close to perfection and there are innumerable reasons which signify that why Laravel has become the favourite framework for the PHP web developers. Laravelmade - https::// is a platform to showcase the finest products that has been built on Laravel.