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    Voyager makes building apps even more fun. Love this package


    none that I can think of :)

    Voyager fills a simple gap in the Laravel atmosphere, now creating apps is even more fun and much easier.

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As a Front End Developer I've grown quite fond of Laravel and how intuitive it is to code the back end. I've always avoided admin panels due to integration limitations that I knew would be a conflict of interest but after watching all of the Voyager Academy videos this product appears to be the most extendable and least limited admin panel I've come across. Additionally, and I may be committing a sin here by comparing the two, one reason I've always known WordPress to have a leg up on Laravel(I am aware one is a framework and one is a CMS) was the fact non-coders could modify pages/entities however they saw fit but this admin panel, as coder oriented as it is, appears to bridge that gap quite nicely. Great job and awesome product! Can't wait to use it!