Laravel Spark

Instant SaaS Scaffolding For PHP

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Joyjeet Sarkar
Joyjeet Sarkar@joy014 · CTO, Mindscroll Learning Platform
This is going to do what Bootstrap did to Frontend Development. Lay the foundation for better SaaS Products and take the pain out of building SaaS Grounds up.
Jean-Philippe Murray
Jean-Philippe Murray@curieuxmurray · Freelancer extraordinaire
Just bought and installed. Just by looking at it I feel I will save many hours on my next project!
Enes Emini
Enes Emini@eminienes · Developer, Emini Arts
@curieuxmurray Not only many hours, but many days! It's really quite amazing. I bought my unlimited license!
Jakub Juszczak
Jakub Juszczak@apertureless · Developer
Was waiting so long for it!
Simon@simonhamp · Senior PHP Developer, elvie
I've been wanting something like this for so long. It's not going to suit everyone out of the box, but it's going to be a great way to get started on an app - I feel like I've wasted so many hours setting up all the standard things every single app uses before... Laravel made that way easier and I feel like Spark is going to make it so much easier it would just be silly not to. Well done, Taylor!