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Ian LandsmanMaker@ianlandsman · Founder, UserScape
Hi All! Thanks Mike for sharing the conference. I ran the first two Laracon US conferences with Taylor Otwell and they were great. Since then Taylor has taken them to the next level and each year it's truly a world class event. A few weeks back I was talking with Eric Barnes of Laravel News and we were discussing how there's so many people who can't make it to Laracon. For much of the world the price is simply out of reach, for others it just comes at an inconvenient time. There's also the fact that Laracon US tends to sell out months in advance! So we decided to do something about it! We talked to Taylor and the three of us came up with the idea of making Laracon Online which would be a top shelf online event. The same great quality speakers and attention to detail as the physical Laracons but available to nearly everyone. So far the response has been truly amazing. Over 900 tickets sold in just the first 16 hours or so. If you're a Laravel developer Laracon Online is a must. However, there's going to be a number of talks even if you don't use Laravel. Rachel Andrew speaking on modern css layout, Adam Wathan on testing, Evan You on Vue.js. Just those talks alone are incredibly valuable, plus we've got Digital Swag :) Hopefully you can join us. If you have any questions I'm happy to answer them. P.S. An event like this is expensive to run. All our speakers are paid, streaming for thousands of people, etc. The main way we're able to keep the ticket price so low is through sponsors. If you're interested in getting your product in front of thousands of the best developers out there get in touch! (link is on the site)
Noel Diaz@noeldiaz
I have been to the last two Laracons in the US and will be missing the one this year, unfortunately. This announcement came at the perfect time. It has been my favorite conference so far so this will be a good replacement. For the price, this lineup of speakers is insane. It really is a no-brainer. Got tickets for my whole team.
Mike GatwardHunter@mikeaag · Co-founder @
I've been wanted to attend a Laracon for the last couple of years, but never found the time, so i'm really looking forward to the first online Laracon. Got my ticket last night as soon as it was annouced, it was a no brainer
Of course I'm attending, are you kidding me? I've always wanted to attend a Laracon! (ok, maybe not always). Something not mentioned here in Product Hunt is the Slack channel, where people will be able to chat during breaks and make connections, which is one of the most important things of a convention. It really has everything!