The Best Laravel and PHP Screencasts

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I'm a subscriber and definitely recommend this to anyone looking to start using Laravel. Jeffrey's incredibly knowledgable and it's very easy to follow along - when I get stuck there's usually an answer in the comments. I also get e-mails all the time telling me about new content... at $10/mo it's definitely worth it (and I think if you got in on Black Friday it's $6/mo)
@rossdcurrie Thanks, Ross! :)
@jeffrey_way No problem Jeffrey! I haven't considered myself a 'real' programmer since 2007, but after a couple of failed attempts to work with programmer co-founders on a project that won a local Startup Weekend, I decided to code the damn thing myself. I wanted to stick with php because of my previous familiarity and all my research said Laravel was the framework to go with. Similarly, everything pointed me towards Laracasts as the best learning resource... after running through a few of the free casts, I decided to sign up, and definitely don't regret it. I've now built about 90% of the application and am handing it over to a contract developer to take it the rest of the way (and to add some structure into my hacked-together code), while my co-founder (a brilliant designer) and I get everything else ready for launch at the start of next year. Probably haven't watched any casts in a month or so, but definitely plan on spending some time watching and learning. Again, can't rate this site enough.
I learnt programming watching @jeffrey_way's screencasts and all I can say is that he's the best screencaster I've ever learned from. He's an excellent instructor, always professional and knowledgeable. I'm not a Laravel developer but I'm sure Laracasts is full of amazing content.
Highly recommended - Jeffrey is the best instructor I've ever seen and aside from Taylor himself, probably the leading Laravel expert on the web.
This has to be one of the nicest looking screencast website I've seen in a long time. It instantly makes me want to learn more about PHP again because it feels friendly and inviting. Anybody can tell a lot of effort has been put into getting Laracasts where it is today. I've been following the changes since it launched and I'm amazed at how far it has came in such a short time. There is no doubt in my mind that @jeffrey_way will make every success of this. 8 new lessons in the last week the website claims. This appears to be a consistent thing I see on this site and it's refreshing to know there are developers out there who care about the learning of others and the life of a programming language so much. Keep it up Jeffrey!
@jeffrey_way is the best. Have learned lots from him. If you're in the Laravel ecosystem, this is a must.