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#4 Product of the DayJanuary 14, 2018

Lapparatus is an online automatic logo maker app. You will have a professional looking logo after following a few simple steps. Just choose a color and some images, and we'll do the rest. Experiment with designs as much as you like. Then only buy your favourite.

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Cool product! I feel like its way too hard to generate a simple logo for a project that may not make it.
Looks good! Can you tell me a bit more about Logo Bot and how it differentiates from similar products like Logojoy?
@marcorei Thanks Markus. TLB is quite fast with the logo variations generation, and the logo is available for download right after the purchase. We also aimed to make the whole experience fast and minimalistic. I think we also match fonts quite well.
@marcorei @petergodek We do all that :) cool product though. Always nice to see new people bringing new approaches to the space. Good luck!
Thanks @dawson_whitfield . You know, Logojoy is like an older brother, TLB has to catch up and then outperform ;)
@petergodek haha I love it. Good luck man! Hope to see you out there.
Great job !! I always hate companies and brand charge a purchasing cost !! Why can’t you just use it without purchasing and then later on pay it 😊
Hi! Good job! It would improve a lot if you're able to include more symbols and also propose logos with symbols related to the ones you picked, even if you didn't select them.
@moises_macero Thanks, I'm uploading more symbols almost daily, and the idea of similar icons seems a good one.
Is there a way to try out the product without registering? Or a sample logo. Not really keen to register an account and give my email before seeing an example
@jackson_cung Hi, unfortunately not at this point, sorry. But we promise not to spam you.