Leave your macbook unattended, worry free

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Secure your MacBook with an alarm and text message when the power is disconnected.

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Holly@taispy · General Manager, Taiwan Startup Stadium
Works great! I leave my Mac sitting out in cafes regularly during quick trips to the bathroom or downstairs to order another coffee. Taipei cafes are fairly theft-free, but this can add a little peace of mind on the off chance that some baddie decides s/he wants a new Mac. Some things not mentioned in the app description: 1. Works even when the Mac is muted (turns the sound back on automatically) 2. Won't work with the lid closed/machine sleeping, but there's a screen lock feature in the dropdown 3. Won't work with earbuds plugged in (well, you'll get an earful if you're wearing them). Common sense, yes, but probably easy to overlook. 4. It's easy to enable/disable from the menu bar. Probably best to leave it disabled until you need it, in case you accidentally set it off. 5. The sound is super annoying. Let's just say your team members aren't going to be too pleased if you keep testing it in the office.
Martin Saint-Macary
Martin Saint-MacaryMaker@saintmac · co-founder @vytein
@taispy Thanks for the details 1) will be fixed in the beta version 2) we're actively working on this 5) That's kind of the point :-)
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes@thetylerhayes · Bebo
@saintmac @taispy How do you solve for #2? cc @willimholte
Martin Saint-Macary
Martin Saint-MacaryMaker@saintmac · co-founder @vytein
@thetylerhayes @ shennyg we're actively working on 2), it's a bit tricky but we're almost there and are confident we will do it
Holly@taispy · General Manager, Taiwan Startup Stadium
@saintmac For #1, perhaps an option? I kind of thought it was a good feature! I keep my Mac muted when out in public, so I might forget to turn the sound back on before walking away from the computer. For #5, absolutely! Good for attracting attention to criminals stealing your stuff. Just not as good for maintaining good relationships with your colleagues -- especially engineers :) PS: Would love to see an iPhone version. Less worried about my Mac, but have had an iPhone stolen before, right under the nose of the friend who was supposed to be watching it!
Martin Saint-Macary
Martin Saint-MacaryMaker@saintmac · co-founder @vytein
@taispy #1 will be released today #5 haha, Don't forget to disable it before packing up your laptop at night ;-) iPhone: Not sure it can be done. It's doable with Android though. But then how would you be getting the notification that your phone is being stolen, on your watch? :-) What is probably doable would be to also "secure" the iPhone to the mac via a lightning cable, and have the mac go crazy when the iPhone is unplugged. Would this be a good use case for you?
MarcHunter@marceglon · Hackerpreneur Mag &
In alpha, but I tested it and it works perfectly. Not sure I'd trust it for the intended use case. Would make for some great trolling though ;)
Tori Bunte
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
I get anxious just thinking about stepping away from my Macbook - but this looks great for those who are more trusting.
Ivan Maeder
Ivan MaederMaker@ivanmaeder · Co-Founder at Laplock
Hi, I'm one of the Laplock developers. We're still in Alpha (launched on Sunday), so it's still very new (there are some limitations but we're working on them). Please let us know of any problems, or what features you'd like to see implemented. Thanks @MarcEglon and @taispy a lot for all the feedback, it's hugely motivating to know that you've found it useful... and to know what areas to address :)
Shen Deshayne
Shen Deshayne@shen_deshayne
Great idea. Are you able to disable sleeping and still sound the alarm? This app allows you to keep your mac awake if the lid's closed: