Livestreaming community of people working on laptops

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Hi everyone! Lapface was my weekend hack designed to give the feeling of working with other people. It takes a low resolution webcam shot every 3 seconds of you working. I made the image with slow fps to relieve you of the pressure that usually comes with broadcasting. It wasn't built with any business purpose. It just feels nice to have people working alongside you. I've had it described as a virtual coffeeshop where you see people in the ambient background. Let me know what you think!
@jiggityk Super cool! Always love how you put the user's emotions first :)
Mimics the coffee shop feeling without being at the coffee shop. Now just add Coffitivity and we're set!
This really is living in public - great stuff!
@tommoor I love your product! There's something really special in what you guys do with working relationships. When you feel near with someone, a strong bond seems to form even if you aren't actively communicating. I'll be recommending you guys to remote teams I know.
Thinking this is pretty special and unique Jiggity :) - 5% of the traditional on-screen pressure one feels with strangers/acquaintances on a Skype/Chatroulette/Hangouts - It allows you to connect (put face to handle, humanizes) with 2nd degree connections and folks that you were previously digital "buddies" through Twitter/Instagram/email. - Allows for people discovery, especially at this stage when it's such a fun, experimental group - The virtual coffeeshop description is really apt. - No one wants to be or even feel lonely. I'm surrounded by twenty great people 10 hours a day at Wildcard but I could imagine for the vagabonding, stay at home employee or freelancer that this is a nice proactive way to "turn on" serendipity. - There really isn't much downside in leaving it on in the background due to frame rate / day time work habits. - It also could start to serve as a low friction, casual but dynamic status. Interesting to see where this may go...groups/friends/work teams.