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I love it. I think it would be interesting to do landing pages by categories. For example, if you have a drone company, maybe see how other drone companies have their landing page. Additionally, if you're in beta and want users emails maybe see all the currently in beta sites' landing page and how they handle getting emails. I think that landing pages generally have a certain goal whether it be get emails, check out a product, invite friends, or something else. So it would be awesome to see how others handle achieving these goals and how you could implement it in your own product.
@danoliverlandy Hi Daniel, I’m Tinh, LAPA creator. Thank you for loving us :D. Your ideas are great. We’ll add more features in next version. Love to receive more feedback from you. This keeps us moving toward.
This is great! The only thing missing (IMHO) is some kind of voting. Also Daniel's idea of categories is good. I'd love to see "top 10" landing pages from a chosen category.
@konradcaban It would also be interesting to see changes to a site over time. Being able to see what the Apple site looks like at different product launches and such would be very interesting.
@konradcaban Check out Crayon for a site with described functionality.
@konradcaban Thank for your idea. We’ll add more features in next version.
Thanks for the mention @thisisjorik. @konradcaban, Very nice work on - you've pulled in some awesome examples, and I dig the implementation. Nicely done!
I've been looking for something like this for AGES. This is going to get popular very quickly at hackathons.
@saraclay15 Thank you for encouraging us
This is awesome @nguyendangtinh - congrats. I run One Page Love and we have around 200+ Landing Pages in our One Page Landing Page category. I really like how you've created this niche resource that doesn't limit them to a Single Page website (so the website can't be 2 or more pages). Not that there is anything wrong with One Page websites, it's *really* worked for us - but I see gorgeous landing pages everyday that I can't add to One Page Love as they have a navigation with multiple pages. I like your approach to longer screenshots that I've considered and also your infinite scroll browsing. I'd definitely add some categories and put more emphasis on search (making it permanently visible in header). My only question is why did you choose Tumblr? To save bandwidth/hosting costs?
@hitdelete Hi Rob, Thank you for your interesting question. The reason why i choose Tumblr is that It’s totally free. With Tumblr, i don’t have to worry about bandwidth, and hosting. However, when i use Tumblr to add screenshots, it has some certain limitation with Lapa. For example, the longest photo that Tumblr supports is 1920px (height). In case you upload the photo that is longer than 1920px, your images will be automatically scaled. Thus, sometime, it’ll make your photo small. In the near future, we’ll consider to use another services in order to have more control on our website and enable us to develop more useful features. Any other question from you is welcomed!
Wonderful! Perfect place for inspiration!
@datbayev Thank you so much :D