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Daniel Landy
@danolandy · 📚Babson Student
I love it. I think it would be interesting to do landing pages by categories. For example, if you have a drone company, maybe see how other drone companies have their landing page. Additionally, if you're in beta and want users emails maybe see all the currently in beta sites' landing page and how they handle getting emails. I think that landing pages gene… See more
Konrad Caban
@konradcaban · CEO, SuperMonitoring.com, yourbrowser.is
This is great! The only thing missing (IMHO) is some kind of voting. Also Daniel's idea of categories is good. I'd love to see "top 10" landing pages from a chosen category.
Sara Clayton
@saraclay15 · Microsoft
I've been looking for something like this for AGES. This is going to get popular very quickly at hackathons.
Rob Hope
@hitdelete · Maker. Surfer. Optimist.
This is awesome @nguyendangtinh - congrats. I run One Page Love and we have around 200+ Landing Pages in our One Page Landing Page category. I really like how you've created this niche resource that doesn't limit them to a Single Page website (so the website can't be 2 or more pages). Not that there is anything wrong with One Page websites, it's *really* wor… See more
Alibek Datbayev
@datbayev · Software Engineer, eCommerce lover
Wonderful! Perfect place for inspiration!