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Kevin van Zonneveld
Kevin van ZonneveldMaker@kvz · Co-founder, Transloadit
Hi everybody, Lanyon is a static site generator. It functions as a wrapper around Jekyll, Webpack, and BrowserSync, in an attempt to give you the best of all worlds. Lanyon allows you to build and refresh assets instantly and offers fast and reliable file watching. This is not to replace Jekyll, but just use it in a more powerful way. I've been trying to onboard my JavaScript-based team to use Jekyll for documentation and static sites for our open source projects, but more than half ran into nokogiri errors or other trouble pulling in the ruby dependency tree. Once we did get it to work for everybody, many sessions later, complaints where about the asset pipeline being that much slower/less capable than what they were used to. Alternatives (Hexo) could solve that, but I really wanted to keep Jekyll for content authoring as those alternatives have other serious tradeoffs. I figured it shouldn't be overly hard to take away the mentioned painpoints via an opinionated wrapper, and Lanyon was born. Lanyon takes away the installation headaches by utilizing Docker, and adds more powerfull asset management via Webpack.