Language Drops

Play with your words. Language learning simplified.

Effortless, visual language learning.

Word by word, Drops helps you learn new vocabulary through fun, fast-paced games with simple mnemonic images.

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Great presentation. Somehow it makes learning a new language look fun, although this probably isn't the best solution for anyone seriously trying to become fluent in Spanish. There are other products for that. Check out @benln's Learning Languages collection.
@benln @rrhoover absoloutely! Drops is meant to be the gateway drug to serious language learning! :) Thanks for the link!
@benln @rrhoover Great list! I saw Verbling (YC S11) was missing so I just submitted it as a hunt
Hope I'm not too late to the party :) Is there any way for a user to "test out" of some of the simpler vocabulary? I think with a few tweaks Drop could be a great supplemental tool for intermediary language learners like myself in addition to the "gateway drug" it currently is.
Very delightful animations and experience. Really well done. I was looking for something a bit more focused on conversation than @Duolingo and this seems to be just that. I think you'll do very well with the focus on 5 minute habits as well and how you are encouraging that behavior.
@heryandotus thanks, it's an experimental approach for sure but the metrics are really promising. We also love duolingo as a whole concept but found the typing input very slow and it's just too text based with very few illustrations. The holy grail of language learning is yet to be discovered imo but we are getting closer and closer.
@farkasdan is there a good way to contact you all about bugs and feedback? Didn't see any way in the app or online. Could help with growth to have a solid way to talk to users. Still enjoying it after 15 days in a row, thanks. Good luck.
This looks like an interesting idea! Is it simply for reading though or is there something in here that will help with pronunciation?
Looks great, although the major challenge is to adapt to intermediate/advanced level. @farkasdan, do you have plans for advanced courses as well?