Wish to learn Chinese conversation but afraid of embarrassment or there is simply nobody for you to chat with? Not anymore, now not only you can practice conversation, you can also practice reading and typing in Chinese with our chatbot role playing chat scenario. It has audio and visual too!

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Congrats on launching! I previously tried using Zizzle to learn mandarin... I got as far as learning how to say "China is very big" which unfortunately wasn't very useful for my trip to Beijing. How did you design the chatbot to help people learn? @liang_shijie
Thanks @abadesi ! Zizzle is actually a pretty good app to learn Chinese characters. I personally think it will be most effective if user have achieved certain level of fundamental. I am still learning the language and I use Zizzle too! About our bot, we designed it around common problems and needs. Problems like feeling embarrass to speak broken Chinese in front of people and/or nobody to practice with. So we developed this bot to allow anyone to learn and make mistake without the embarrassment :) It serves 3 needs. The need to practice conversation, reading and typing in Chinese. If you ever visit China again, try our restaurant chat scenario. You won't go hungry in China at least!