Internationalization built for devs

Lang helps developers continuously translate their apps into any foreign language with professional human translators. It takes just 30 minutes to setup, with no impact on developer speed. 
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When I see services like these, the first thing that hits my head is - "I think the integration is going to be really time-consuming" I had earlier got a product demo from @peter_zhou and I was amazed to see how easy and developer-friendly the integration is. For someone who wants to try regional languages on their product with the least integration effort, you must try Lang.
@peter_zhou @jitesh_dugar Thank you so much for the kind words Jitesh! Wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the integration :)
Hi PH! Peter, Eric, and I are the co-founders of Lang. We’ve worked on internationalization/localization projects at our previous companies, and we’ve gone through the painful process of re-engineering a codebase to support multiple languages. Choosing the right open-source framework, extracting strings, integrating with human translators - we all wish we had a tool to help automate the process, so we built Lang. With Lang, there are three steps for any frontend app: 1) Wrap your user-facing strings with our tr() function. 2) Run “Push”, and we’ll send your untranslated strings to human translators. 3) Run “Pull”, and we’ll download all your completed translations into your codebase. We also support dynamic translations for content stored in your database or created by users. Our goal is to bundle the best features of i18n libraries with a localization pipeline that just works. We know the Product Hunt community has built amazing multilingual apps, we’d love to hear your feedback and experiences!
This is awesome!! Congrats team on the launch!
@jrdngonen Thank you Jordan!!
Hello. How is Lang different from Transifex ( and similar localisation platforms?
@gkollias Hey George, I would say our main difference is that we plug-in directly into your codebase. Instead of exposing an API and forcing you to integrate with us and write custom localization code, you can just wrap your strings with our function, and not worry about anything else. We're the fastest way for developers to translate their apps. Let me know if this helps, happy to address any specific differences you'd like to know about as well!
This is awesome Lang Founders. Congratulations on the launch. I have a question, what happens when the content is dynamic? Assume, tr("Your product " + product_name + " has been delivered.") product_name can be "Mobile", "Pen", "Basket" etc. Isn't it going to throw error or wrong translations? Just curious.
@malik_tauqeer We actually support ICU syntax which allows for variables, plurals, and special formats. Your example would be sent to a translator as "Your product {0} has been delivered."