Show most suitable landing to every visitor, automatically

Hey you took my last name! 💁
@danolandy Yeah, it is so cool, that we could not resist! ☺️ Hope you will not sue us :)
@d_tsepelev @danolandy You could offer Daniel a lifetime access to Landy! :)
@giordanoand @danolandy Great idea! We definitely could figure out some special plan for Daniel 😉
Hey hunters, Dmitry is here, one of the founders at Landy. Landy is a tool baked with machine learning pipelines, that automatically finds the best landing page for every visitor. How does it work? Landy collects visitors traits, behavior, and preferences while showing your Landing Pages randomly (training time!). When there are enough data Landy analyzes it and starts to show the most suitable page to every newcomer. The awesome thing is that with every registered or bounced visitor the accuracy will grow. Why does it matter? Time and precision. Instead of choosing one ultimate winner in A/B testing battles or configuring complex if-else segmentation campaigns Landy puts your campaigns on autopilot caring about who your visitors are. We’re free until March 1 and happy to share 2 additional free months with all product hunters! Look forward to hearing from you and would be happy to answer all your questions!
This looks incredible. Would love those additional months, how do we go about getting them?
@chrisgscott Thank you, glad you like it! Everyone who registered using PH link will get 2 additional months. We do not have place to enter promo codes right now, but we're carefully marking every product hunter to add them later. To make sure that everyone will get it - we'll send a confirmation on Monday.
@d_tsepelev In A/B testing you create two landing pages. Wonder how many pages you start with in I think there is potential for what trying yo do.
@ramgangisetty Totally depends on how much traffic do you have. Landy prefer to have at least 25 conversions per variation, before she could start to make predictions. To get the best result we recommend to create different variations for few potential visitor groups instead of testing things like "Sign up free" vs "Sign up now". So for example you can create one variation for your pro-visitors and one variation for beginners. Btw I wrote an article which could give you few insights about how you should use Landy approach: