Landscape by Sprout Social

An interactive tool for social media image resizing

#3 Product of the DayMarch 15, 2016
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This is cool. It's a simple concept, beautifully executed. Great job, Sprout Social!
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@asktimothybuck Thank you so much! We try to keep the design as intuitive and beautiful as possible.
Thank you @bramk for hunting Landscape! Hi Product Hunters, My name is Michael and I worked with the team at Sprout Social that created Landscape. Landscape is an image resizing platform that makes it easy for social marketers, content creators and business owners to keep up with the ever-changing image size requirements of social networks. Simply upload a single image, choose all of the social networks and post types you’d like to resize your image for, and guide a cropping tool to create perfectly optimized social media images. Landscape was actually born out of a Hackweek idea that I submitted to the team at Sprout Social. I pitched the idea to the company and helped lead the team that went on to finish off the product you see today. I'd love to hear what you all think about the tool! Best, Michael
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@mpatterson22 Any considerations for allowing output resolution controls?
@rosssheingold Well now there are :) That's a big reason we wanted to use Product Hunt, to get an idea of what functionality users are interested in. It's such a new tool to us, so this feedback is key. I can't guarantee any timing, as we're piecing our roadmap together still, but I'll make sure it's noted.
Hey @mpatterson22 we'd love to partner and offer this as a service "Powered by Sprout Social" to our customers that are asking for this exact functionality. Is it possible to start the process with a URL parameter of an image rather than uploading?
@parterburn Hey Paul - that functionality isn't built out quite yet, but it's an incredibly interesting proposal. Could you email me and we'll stay in touch? Michael at Sprout Social dot com.
@mpatterson22 @bramk Hooray for #hackweek projects.
Looks like this solves the problem, "what's the optimal image size" for XYZ social network.
@jdquey Definitely! Actually the idea stems from one of our most popular blog posts which aggregates all of the social media image sizes for each network. We knew that it was an important topic for our audience, and we figured there must be a better way to solve that problem.
#ProductHuntReview: Wow! I tested Landscape and I'm blown away at how useful it is! Landscape is such a time saver. Great work @mpatterson22
@sethlouey Thank you so much Seth! We're happy to do whatever we can to save you some time on social media.
20 Secs. 4 social media channels. All images sorted. That rocks!