Robotic grass mover (Roomba for your lawn)

Very impressed if this works. Incredibly difficult problem. Now I want a snow blowing one next please!
@blainehatab Sounds like a big if! I'd be very skeptical of cutting power and battery life.
@andrewjdupree @blainehatab I am not sure how the landroid works but ours runs for about an hour before charging for 90 minutes. Robomow drives itself home to charge on its own, then dispatches itself once charged. It runs all day depending on the schedule you have set. The one I have at my house I have running from 9 AM to 7 PM Mon - Sat. Off during the night and on Sunday. It's a one time set up then leave it to do its things.
@gisellesendra @andrewjdupree hell yeah. super awesome. Nice marketing work!!!
it needs a solar charger
@burakaydik We've discussed this for the Robomow. It would cost the consumer so much more to have the number of panels needed to charge it than what the actual mower cost. Robomow currently uses up around $4 of electricity each month so they have decided traditional charging is best.
Pretty cool idea. Might need some BLE/GPS on that bad larry to let you know someone just stole it from your front lawn.
@markiyanm I can't speak for this brand but I can say that the Robomow has a security device. If stolen they will not be able to get passed your security code that has been set. They would also have to register it online; at that time we will see that it has already been registered thus making it a stolen mower.
If California had any water (or green grass) left this would be on my wish list.
So it eliminates the need to bag clippings by...not bagging clippings? Could use some more explanation there.
@andrewjdupree Robomow chops the grass up so finely so that it decomposes naturally and quickly saving you the hassle of bagging.