Keep your real email address private!

Like a disposable email address but the mail arrives in your regular inbox and it lasts forever!

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Great job!! ๐Ÿ˜Š Do you sell our info to other party? This looks good. But how do you cater to Privacy?
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@ayush_chandra No I don't sell any info.
Lots of good questions in the comments, none of them have been answered. What happens to the email submitted? Can you be more transparent about this? No terms, no privacy statement, nothing on the site.
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@john_kappa When you submit an email a new UUID is generated and saved in the db with the original email address. A catch all email filter is setup on and when an email is received it looks up the UUID in the db, finds the original email address and forwards it on.
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@jozef_dransfield thanks for the technical info on what happens, but what do you do with my email? Do you pass that on? Sell it? Share it? What happens to my data? When a product is free, usually you're the product.
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@john_kappa No I don't sell any info, currently it doesn't make any revenue what so ever and I won't be selling any email details to anyone. If I wanted to try and make revenue then it would be along the lines of charging for more aliases.
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Looks good. It would be better if you pick dictionary words (or combine multiple) than random hashes.
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@niksmac Thats a good idea, will look into it.
@niksmac Thats live now, it picks 3 dictionary words
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How is this different from Protect IID that was featured two days ago?
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@peterdenatale It is similar in principle but landmark doesn't require any manual steps or to own your own domain.
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Cool idea, what are the use cases you think? Can I cancel email from a certain account later on?
@sidyakinian I made it mainly for myself so that I can sign up for things without giving them my actual email address, the idea being I don't have to trust them not to sell it on. In the future I would like to support deleting landmark email addresses, but that would require some kind of authentication, for now I just wanted to keep it simple.
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@jozef_dransfield But doesn't all email from the alias get redirected to the main account? :D That's basically giving your real email.
@sidyakinian It does mean that the 3rd party never actually knows your real email address though, and when landmark supports the deletion of aliases it means you don't have to trust their unsubscribe functionality.
@jozef_dransfield Right, that'll be helpful. I'm eager to try out Landmark when the deletion feature is up!
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