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Landista scans all premium online businesses that are currently for sale. Find your new SaaS-product or eCommerce-company today!

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Jorrit B.
Jorrit B.MakerPro@jorritb
Thanks for the hunt @_jacksmith ! Hi PH-ers 👋, Really exciting to be on Product Hunt. Let me explain a bit more why I started Landista. I'm currently running a few online businesses and I have some experience with selling and buying my online business through brokers. Those brokers can do great work for you, both for you as seller and for you as buyer. But I missed the overview of all online businesses that are for sale from all the different brokers. That's where Landista cames up 😉 - Landista is scanning all sites from premium brokers for new or changed listings for sale. - We only list online businesses, like SaaS, eCommerce, etc. - I decided to only list the 'premium' brokers, to prevent the site from being filled with lots of 'wannabe businesses'... - You can sign up for the email service, so you get a weekly email with all the latest businesses for sale - Disclaimer: I don't have any relation with those brokers Hopefully this can be of interest for you. Maybe once your PH-product will be listed to be sold for 💸
Alyssa X
Alyssa X@alyssaxuu · Entrepreneur, designer & Noon founder 💃🏻
@_jacksmith @jorritb That's awesome! I've been looking to sell my project, but have found it hard to find a buyer. I might use your platform to achieve that ^^
Jorrit B.
Jorrit B.MakerPro@jorritb
@tcodinat Cool! If you fill out the form 'Sell your business' on Landista we will match you with the right broker to achieve this. Good luck 👊
Kishore@prakis ·
Hi, Your "Start Evaluation" Button is not working(throws 401 error at console). Msg me if you need more info regarding the error.
Jorrit B.
Jorrit B.MakerPro@jorritb
@prakis Thanks. Sent you a message.