Curated Landing Page gallery with 445+ designs

#2 Product of the WeekOctober 14, 2015

Landingfolio is a gallery featuring the best landing pages design. Browse more than 445 landing page examples in 54 different categories.

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It hard for us landing page designers to find some inspiration for our next projects. There are gallery’s for one page websites and normal website. But not a nice curated one for landing pages. Since I found it time to finally build a side project for myself, I decided to create Landingfolio. A place where you can find the best landing pages for your inspiration in the category you are looking for. Of course while building this, another landing page gallery got mentioned on Product Hunt, bummer! But after reading a very inspiring comment here, I decided to keep going! Today, thanks to @mijustin, my project is finally on Product Hunt. Man, does that feel good! Please let me know if you have any tips or feedback. Cheers!
@dannypostmaa Hey Danny. Well done on launching. Just note that your newsletter header "Passioned about landing pages?" reads a bit awkwardly, and your layout is broken on FF
@cynicalgrinch Dang, that's quite an ugly bug. Fixing it now. Thanks for mentioning!
Thanks Danny for the collection, Try to add different type of landing pages like "Call-to-action" ones, It will be an inspiration for marketers and designers as well to think of different ideas to generate more leads, Nice work.
@aivenkov Nice tip! Will definitely work something out like that.
Thanks for it. Saved
@haseeb Thanks Haseeb. Going to update it often so you keep having fresh inspiration :).
Really dig this @dannypostmaa. Already see this being useful in multiple ways. Quick side-by-side comparison check for newer landing page creators. Also useful for a quick lay of land for new internet tools. Pocketed. :)
@muller_adam Thanks for the kind words. Happy you like it!
This looks amazing! Trying it now!
@thekakkad Thanks Ronak :-)