Highlight your referral campaign, run a giveaway, build your pre-launch list and anything in between. Our 2 flexible templates give you the chance to create and publish landing pages that work with your Viral Loops campaign and for your business—don't forget that they're absolutely free.

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Hey, everyone! 👋 I have to say that probably this time last year we did our first launch here. WOW, time flies! Since then, we got featured 5 more times. 😝 As always we want to give you value and our goal is to make you referral marketing experts. We identified an issue with most of the campaigns and that was the landing pages – some of them had too many details, others not even the necessary stuff. We wanted to do something for you. … and we came up with Viral Loops Pages. 😻 Introducing a super simple way to create beautiful landing pages that make it easy for people to invite their friends. 💪 With Viral Loops Pages: 1. You don’t need coding skills, just plug and play. 2. You can preview your campaign, hit preview and see how your referral campaign would look like on a page. 3. Go from concept to publish in minutes (seriously!) I would love to see a comment with your thoughts and feedback! 🙈 P.S. 🎅 HOHOHO, It’s Christmas in less than a week! We're celebrating this Christmas with an exclusive offer. Use the code CHRISTMAS17 and get 30% off any plan for the first three months in Viral Loops. 🎄🎁 Hope you like it! 😍 ----- UPDATE ------------------------------ Today we're having our biweekly webinar hosted by Apostle, Savvas, and Helena. ... and guess what?! We will demonstrate how to set up Viral Loops pages for your campaigns. Make sure to be there 👉 viral-loops.com/webinar 💪
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@geovasiliadis Can't wait for it buddy :)
So excited to see this going live. Congrats guys! 🎉🎉
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@imvassilis Thanks so much for the support! 💪
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Perfect! I already build one and it is really simple and clear! Good job guys ;)
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@alexl_1988 Love you Alex, thanks so much! 💪
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Well done to you George and your team 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
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@bandelamgoqi hey you're awesome! Thanks you so so much. 🤜🤛
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@geovasiliadis quick question: I recently got your Appsumo deal. Is VL landing page a stand-alone product and do you have any plans for sumolings? Thanks
@bandelamgoqi It's for everyone, no exceptions, with no additional cost. 😊
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@geovasiliadis you're the best 🤝
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You guys execute incredibly fast!
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@nicolo_borghi "Be fast or be last" 😎 Thanks dude! 💪
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