Is Your Landing Page Not Converting?
Competitors taking your customers, while you are still trying to figure out how to convert?
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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Ely, the maker of Landing Page Specialist. I run this service with two friends that help me out with their expertise. The website and service is completed but some of the process is still in development and will be released in the next coming days. This first release will help me to see if there is any feedback and a need for this way of working. Future updates will be made to place more detailed use cases of clients to show the actual results of our work. Landing Page Specialist We are a service that is mainly focused on small businesses and start-ups to help improve their current landing page, website or design to generate more conversion. Inspiration The main motivating factor was that I could not find an interesting business that offers cheap and simplified solutions to improve conversion. It always starts with expensive consulting, deep reporting and long execution before getting results. I know it's a tricky business with a wide range of tasks and tweaks but if you take the right approach there is a way to offer good things for a lower price. Problem I used to work at companies that offer conversion rate optimization. We had to refuse many smaller customers because our prices were too high. We could not lower our prices or offer a custom price because of the workload we had when using our processes to improve their websites. Small businesses and start-ups often need to search on Google to find solutions on how to fix their landing page to generate more conversion. There is a ton of tools out there but not everyone has the know-how how to use them or even execute the results. Solution I put a lot of effort and time into this service to come up with a way to offer 3 types of solutions for small prices and give a big return. - The starter pack offers all the fundamentals to convert more with a minimal setup - The growth pack is the most popular and offers an effective way to grow your conversion - The recurring pack offers everything from the others packages but validates the ideas and designs with an actual A/B test and monthly reports. (this is a monthly recurring price) In short; We start with a 15 minute intake talk to learn more about your business, based on the AIDA sales funnel we define your goals, create the ideas, create your design and test the new ideas and report on that. Honourable mentions The whole MakerLog community, my friends and family that tested the website and gave me priceless feedback and support. Looking forward to your feedback! Cheers, Ely
@ely_fornoville Great looking landing page, Ely! I wish you all the best with the launch and am sure that many people will love that offer!
@leoa1 Thank you very much :D
Awesome product, keep up the good work :)
@andrew_dao1 thank you for the support!