Landing Page 101

How to perfect your landing pages as a solo-designer.

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 02, 2020
A guide focused on how to perfect your landing pages as a solo-designer.
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the font gives me Alien vibe :D
Looks beautiful and thanks for the tips
@joherulislam Thanks Joherul!
This is also a great resource for designing a landing page.
@parag_r That's incredible! Thanks for sharing. I'd buy that template if it was available for other systems like webflow.
@parag_r @happygezim Hey I created Versoly- and that template :) Thanks for the kind words. Versoly is built to replace Wordpress and Webflow for SaaS companies. We have already have founders swap to us. If you get a chance would love for you to try the product. We also built if you're looking for help with your landing pages.
@volkandkaya Hey! Is that template available on Versoly? I couldn't find it or missed it. I wasn't sure how components work across pages on Versoly (e.g. shared nav bar). It's quite good but didn't feel "polished enough"...not even sure how to qualify that. Likely I'm not an early adopter for your product so ignore me :)
@happygezim It isn't at the moment, but all code built in Bootstrap/Versoly can be imported and shared easily. Thanks, a lot of feedback we get is extremely positive and it doesn't help us build a better product. Yes the navbar from the home page can easily be shared between pages. We also have a blogging CMS and the navbar and footer is also shared with that.
looks amazing congratulations on the launch