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I'd like to offer new employers who find us through Product Hunt a 10% discount on any of our product plans. More info here: https://landing.jobs/employers.
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Hello Product Hunters! I'm Pedro Oliveira co-founder @ Landing.jobs. The team and I are incredibly excited to have been hunted today. We'll be available all day to answer any comments you have. In the meantime, let me tell you what we have built and our aim. We're building a tech recruitment marketplace dedicated to matchmaking top tech professionals with curated job offers from top employers. Our aim is to treat our members like people, and not just another number on a database. You'll always hear back from us, and you'll always get honest feedback. Behind the scenes, our team is an international bunch of developers, designers, technologists and hiring specialists in Lisbon, London and Barcelona. Our main focus - for now - is tech roles within Europe :) We like to see ourselves as a no-spam (for both employers and tech pro's), pro-transparency and full-stack support product, and I hope that one day we'll be able to help all digital pro's better manage their careers.
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Finding a job online is a little broken--anyone in tech with a LinkedIn account can tell you tales of being spammed by mismatching recruiters. Landing.jobs seems like it has a good chance to fix the system.
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@kikischirr thanks for ​*hunting*​ Landing.jobs - our team back in good ol' Lisbon and London is ultra proud :) hope the weather is better over there in Tampa!
@pcbo @kikischirr It's November, and I'm still wearing flip-flops! (I'm originally from Up North, so this is amazing!) Landing.jobs looks great, I'm not surprised you're doing so well. :D
@kikischirr ahah, that's so great :) we've got a great Hunter - that's all of our luck today!
@kikischirr almost at 1k upvotes, wow.
Already use it :) We at @tradiio love it!
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@miguelmendes love you back too :) You guys are making a dent in the music industry!
I recently came across and started using Landing Jobs (thanks @Bo_irik) after struggling to find local quality tech talent in Amsterdam. I like that Landing Jobs schedules calls with you, not only to find out the skills of tech talent you are looking to hire, but also what sort of personal values and cultural fit you're looking for. They then screen applicants first and only pass on the ones that really match. That personal approach is what sets it apart for me and why I think they will be successful. We've only been sent 2 applicants so far - but both are quality and a good match culturally for our team. Keep up the good work guys!
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@dan_fennessy ^ this is so awesome - thanks for reaching out & really proud of @bo_irik and @Krisikris1503 :)