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Pedro — Co-founder @
I'd like to offer new employers who find us through Product Hunt a 10% discount on any of our product plans. More info here:
Pedro — Co-founder @
Hello Product Hunters! I'm Pedro Oliveira co-founder @ The team and I are incredibly excited to have been hunted today. We'll be available all day to answer any comments you have. In the meantime, let me tell you what we have built and our aim.

We're building a tech recruitment marketplace dedicated to matchmaking top tech professionals with curated job offers from top employers.

Our aim is to treat our members like people, and not just another number on a database. You'll always hear back from us, and you'll always get honest feedback.

Behind the scenes, our team is an international bunch of developers, designers, technologists and hiring specialists in Lisbon, London and Barcelona. Our main focus - for now - is tech roles within Europe :)

We like to see ourselves as a no-spam (for both employers and tech pro's), pro-transparency and full-stack support product, and I hope that one day we'll be able to help all digital pro's better manage their careers.
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