Automated landing page design

#3 Product of the DayMay 29, 2018

Landen designs beautiful, responsive and performant landing pages for you. And we host them too!

Some real and demo sites built with landen:

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Got me hooked on that video. Good job. Checking it out now :)
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Hey PH, most modern website builders are great design tools… if you’re a designer. Let’s forget about templates, drag-and-drop and inline-editing for a minute. Why can’t we get a page design based on the information we want to share? Landen tries to solve that problem You don’t have to design anything. You don’t have to code anything. You can get a unique* website design in less than a minute. I built Landen to replace designer and developer tasks. You tell Landen what you want, and it generates design variations based on that information, best-practices and current trends. * there are currently 25,344 possible design combinations.
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@felix_gurtler That's pretty cool! Seems handy for people who don't have the time to develop & design a website, and want to get the point across for their company or project.
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@felix_gurtler Awesome product. It helped me prototype the landing page really fast. You can find it here at There is a problem though. I am unable to see the custom images I put in. Can you please help. Is there a size constraint on images? Could you please look into this Thanks
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@srijan_nagar You have to be logged-in to upload pictures. I'm working on a fix now!
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@felix_gurtler It works when I log in. Can I embed videos in the landing page as well?
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Take an upvote and some good will from me, purely for not saying “Powered by AI” in your tagline.
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@mickc79 🙌🏻 the temptation was, high! very high.. but I don't like to make things up to get clicks and "powered by 354 if statements" didn't sound too catchy
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@felix_gurtler haha absolutely love it. I actually think you should run with “powered by 354 if statements”. It sends a nice message to all the fake AI marketing nonsense. Brilliant!!
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Built our own landing page with :). Features are so fun I end up playing with my design for hours:


Easy to set up a landing page that looks like Stripe's in 5 minutes.


None so far that couldn't be fixed. Updates are pushed really fast!

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Had seen an earlier version of Landen that already looked promising and it got 10x better already. Can't wait to see the upcoming versions!


One of the best UX for a landing page builder, great balance between power and simplicity


Not the same as a 100% custom website (but that's not the purpose)

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