Land's End

A VR adventure from the makers of Monument Valley

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Ever since playing with VIVE VR at ComicCon, I've been itching for Oculus and VR to finally hit store shelves. I'm excited for games like this but even more curious to see how VR influences industries outside of gaming... but that's for another PH thread. 😊
@rrhoover I would say its going to be awesome but I have the Oculus DK2 and even though its early in its lifecycle gaming isn't shaping up as well as you might think, its going to take a lot longer than many think to take off to a level everyone can get involved in, the tech specs alone for playing fairly simple 3D games that lack the natural immersion need high end kit, imagine GTA5 level graphics (or its mods) and it will be unplayable as a solid 75 FPS is recommended to be puke proof
@alistaircoggins we're probably another year before we see great VR games consistently. But 1 year isn't too far away.
@rrhoover Yeh possibly I think sony will be most successful at making it mainstream with SteamVR taking second place in terms of gaming. Oculus has a high hill to climb as they (in my opinion) came out with their specs too soon and opened the field to competition that has an IP/value proposition behind it already to make it worth while with 1st party apps... But hey as a consumer its still win win ;)
I added this to the largest VR collection on PH :)
A reason to get the Samsung GearVR?
> creators of monument valley Want want want want want. Might have to convince the office to get a GearVR.
Is it just me, or does the poly count in that video look super low?
@chrismessina It is in fact super low. Seems in keeping with the team's visual style from Monument Valley. It's almost as hard to play hi-res 3D as it is to create it though, so I suspect VR will be in low-poly stylized worlds like this for some time
@staringispolite Monument Valley was low-poly count too, but this seems to take it, err, down a notch? Anyway, eager to try this in VR — might help the adjustment period!
@chrismessina I think it might be an artifact from the camera being right up in the environment models (eg, to my eyes, this view looks similar to Monument Valley) The video reminds me of N64. Games like Turok that tried to be photoreal felt so fake, but Mario 64 was just awesome (literally awe-inspiring in 12-year-old-me). To your point, I do think graphic quality will jump quickly, but it seems like stylized low poly is going to be the norm while video cards catch up to 75+FPS
@staringispolite Put way more elegantly than I did ;)
@alistaircoggins "By our powers combined..." :)