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Tejas Manohar
Tejas ManoharMaker@tejasmanohar · Code, Entrepreneurs, Startups.
LanceMatch is a service to match employers with **verified** freelancers. You have a project that needs top notch creative work. We have a network of vetted professionals who are ready to get their hands dirty. We match you up and ensure the process operates smoothly. As with most startups, the main reason I founded LanceMatch was a strong dislike for existing solutions. Unlike existing networks like eLance and oDesk, LanceMatch manually selects and screens all freelancers before considering them for a single project. Additionally, we are backed by a team of industry experience and can help craft proper budget and scope. This ensures that you're accessing quality talent at fair value. Take a look, and let me know what you think!
Nimit Kalra
Nimit Kalra@qw3rtman
On a majority of freelance websites, the cream of the crop is hard to get to. These websites are flooded with low quality freelancers who, while cheap, are not always up to par with the quality a successful project needs. Seeing as LanceMatch verifies its freelancers, I feel like it could be devoid of the mass of low quality posts that frequent sites such as Freelancer and Elance and leave only top-notch freelancers. In my opinion, this is as beneficial to those looking for freelancers as it is for those looking for work. Freelancers have a higher chance of being recognized by a prospective company in need as the clutter of cheap, low-quality freelancers is significantly decreased. As someone who has tried to get into the freelance world time and time again by jumping around from different freelance websites, I feel like LanceMatch will be a breath of fresh air. Can’t wait to try it out as a freelancer!
Tejas Manohar
Tejas ManoharMaker@tejasmanohar · Code, Entrepreneurs, Startups.
@qw3rtman Yup, you hit the nail on its head for the problem we're trying to solve! Saw your application, and you'll hear from us shortly :)