Lampix is limited only by your imagination. That’s why we’ve created the PIX blockchain token system. PIX allows businesses and individuals to request and submit object reference images and category descriptions for the benefit of Lampix users and beyond.

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Not so sure why this is hosting an ICO? Why are tokens being sold for a product like this?
@bentossell The ICO is to raise funds (called 'PIX') to fund a community of image makers and voters to create the Augmented Reality data on the 'blockchain'. The plan to create one of biggest image databases in the world! In addition, Lampix has decided to offer a database where no single company, and not Lampix neither, will control who has access to the data, and what data should go in the database. Leveraging blockchain technology, Lampix is building a network that rewards users with Lampix tokens, called PIX, to take pictures, describe them and assemble open-source, curated image datasets. Miners can use any device that has a camera with the sufficient resolution, including the company's Lampix device, to submit datasets.
Not only can Lampix turn any surface into a smart surface, the makers are creating in the process the world's first blockchain-based "image mining" network, with image contributors funded with cryptocurrency. How cool is that?
@stuartgh I would like to test Lampix for my new restaurant... Is not clear for me what should I do. Thanks
@sap323 If you give me your contact details, I will arrange for Lampix to be in touch with you including adding you to the proof of concept for Lampix.
Great idea!
More on how Lampix is taking on the likes of Apple (which will roll out an AR iOS update next month) with its open blockchain powered AR device: