All the tech news in one place 🗞️

Lalafeed is an iOS app that fetches the latest news from your favorite tech websites in one place. Read any article within the app and use Reader mode for easy and fast eye catching.

  • Pros: 

    Good aggregation of news sources


    segmented by source rather than providing an overall aggregation

    There's an IFTTT feed that does similar, so uninstalling.

    Doug Miller has used this product for one day.
  • Dario Rexhollari
    Dario RexhollariCEO at Spontan

    You can have all the tech news in one nice place.


    Maybe it needs a bigger font.

    More space for your phone by keeping only one app.

    Dario Rexhollari has used this product for one week.
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Srikanth Noah
Srikanth Noah@srikanth_noah · Web Lover
Loving this App everyday :) I had same thought earlier, glad to see it live. Congrats team.
@srikanth_noah thankyou for your feedback
You can read articles within the app and use Reader mode for easy eye catching which will strip the page of annoying formatting. Save your articles in favorites section by swiping an item to the left. In this app you will find those feeds: Hacker News, TechCrunch, Product Hunt, Techmeme, recode, TheHackerNews, Tech Insider, Hackernoon, The Next Web and The Verge.