Lake Coloring Books

Vibrant coloring books from Instagram’s finest illustrators

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Love everything about this, from core product to compelling new UI conventions, all the way down to the details of animations for tool tips to animations. Well done, serious talent here.
@asher_hunt it's incredibly well done!
This is such a great idea — infinite coloring book drawings from the best illustrators on Instagram. The whole adult coloring book trend continues — and happily so. So much great variety!
@chrismessina I've always said: if you can empower someone to be creative and allow them to achieve greater output than ever before, you're going to win. If you have a platform to show it off, even better. The coolest thing about this is, it's bold. It's an un-obvious swing taken by a talented team who could likely work on anything but wanted to solve a problem and make the coolest app possible, in the process. I have so many questions. Lol.
@asher_hunt wow! Thank you so much for such a heart-warming feedback. We're honoured. :) @chrismessina
I've seen a lot of people in complete zen mode doing adult coloring books. Really love the interaction design for coloring, and helping me stay within the lines when I want to!
@kunalslab Thank you, Kunal! Means a lot.
Totes not patient enough to use a real coloring book or any other coloring apps, but I enjoy Lake. (The "fill" and "stay within in the lines no matter what I do" options used together are perfect for the ADHD Picasso.) Looking forward to moar artists.