A simplistic presentation generator

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Hi all, I am the creator of Lagom, super happy to see this project get some users. 😍🎉 The story behind it is pretty funny, i randomly got chosen to do a lighting talk and started to work on my presentation. As the stupid person I am, I felt that there was no tool that was easy enough to use and had a style I liked, so I built my own tool instead.. 😅 If you are interested, you can see the presentation here: ( If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them!
Use the 👈 & 👉 arrow keys to browse through the demo. Pretty neat 🤓 😎 Another little demo Features: 0 online dependencies: no more OMG!! moments because of bad wifi live-reloading server Presentation mode: just press p to initiate presentation mode Speaker notes Synced Aspect ratio Synced mouse pointer Mirrored highlighting
This is really awesome, I will definitely use it in my future presentations.
so, this is similar to reveal.js?
@gopietz it is similar, but what I have created is a command line interface so that you can generate presentations, edit and deploy them with ease. I think it's pretty neat. :) lagom create # create a presentation lagom server # work on / do a presentation lagom deploy # deploy your presentation online
I'm having an issue installing w/ yarn. It seems to install fine but then it won't work.
@nhuebecker oh noes! let me take a look at it. Can you file an issue?