Laptop sleeve that charges all your devices

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Too big for me :/
@slek22 Hey Mathieu, the product comes in different sizes for different laptops and it's only 1cm thicker than a normal sleeve. The surface area is the same as your laptop so it's not bigger than that.
a few thoughts: - product looks very nice and high quality - i don't see a major benefit over a power bank + laptop sleeve combo - with LAER you have to take the heavy battery with you although you might not need it - usb c limits you pretty much to the macbook these days - wireless charging is a nice touch, but it limits you to some android phones and iphone + qi case combos. will the iphone ever get wireless charging? we dont know. will it be the qi standard? we dont know. - the people that benefit the most are those with a usb c laptop and a qi capable phone. im just wildly guessing, but this doesn't seem like a huge market then again your campaign is going strong, so i might have the wrong attitude ;) all the best either way!
@gopietz Hi Pietz, thanks for your feedback! Here are a few of the differences. • LAER is remotely controlled via app, Power banks are manually controlled • LAER is one less thing to charge, Power banks are one more thing to charge • LAER allows you to switch battery capacities, Power banks don't • LAER charges DC and USB C, Power banks don't • LAER charges MagSafe, most Power banks don’t • LAER has location tracking, Power banks don’t The battery capacity can be changed which changes the weight It has USBC and DC charging so charges pretty much any laptop It also has USB A with Quick Charge 3.0 so not just wireless
@eoindavidcooney i wasnt aware of the ac charging. that didnt really come across in your video
@gopietz That's really helpful to know thank you. It's a big part of the product so perhaps we need to make that more obvious
Brilliant. Gimme. 😍 💰 💳
I've been looking for something like this for almost 2 years. I travel a lot, and carrying a backpage + carry-on is a pain in the a**.
I think it's a great video and the product looks dope, I only have two devices and all i need is one charger and one cable for all of them (USB-C for the win) but I can see how some people could totally use this