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Haaaaaappy Valentine’s Day, hunters !! I'm one of the co-founders of LadyMarry. 1 year before, we launched our 1.0 web version @PH. And now we’re glad to introduce our Android and iOS virtual wedding planner to all friends here! If you don’t know/use LadyMarry - “ She" is a virtual wedding planner that helps engaged couples schedule to-dos, recommend vendors, and coordinate all details without an expensive real wedding planner. And more importantly, “she” encourages the groom and other family members/friends to help out the planning together to learn how to work with each other even before marriage. Over the last year, we’ve collected huge amounts of feedback, suggestions, complaints, rants and even some praise from PH (XOXO!). What’s new? (in a nutshell) 1) Automatically customize a monthly checklist 2) Collaborate with others about the same wedding 3) Find vendors with availability and pricing 4) Cross-platform, including iOS, Android, Web We're pretty proud of it. All that is left is to hope that you and our community would love it and be the lifehackers too! Enjoy~ P.S. Congratulations to our team members who recently got engaged and married!!
I'm planning a wedding now and it frickin sucks! I hope lady marry is helpful. 🍾
Totally understand it, @dredurr, cuz I'm planning my wedding too. I tried all the tools on the market, but still got mad - I knew I shall do a lot, but just didn't know what I shall do right now. It'll be great if you can try LadyMarry, and share your feedback. Hope the co-working experience between you and your partner could release your stress and bring more fun to you :) Keep me tuned.
Sweet! Not only are my fiance and I planning our wedding, but she also does event/wedding will definitely send this her way
@anandp29 Congratulations! Great to hear that one of you has the similar event planning experience! It's recommended to discuss the timeline and task ownership together before taking actions, and you can refer to the interview questions to make sure you have got enough information from vendor candidates. Best wishes, and happy Valentine's weekend!
Cheers! Best gift for Valentine's Day!
Wedding planning (and beyond) is def a chore, but a happy chore :) Hope LadyMarry can go a long way to help. I've see a couple of wedding related services including planning before. What do you think as the maker that sets LM apart? Congrats again!
@ma_xiaoxu If you browse around the existing wedding planning apps, you'll easily find they all provide endless glamorous contents for inspirations - the more the better. While for LadyMarry, she only focuses on the efficiency part - how to get things done. "She" won't provide endless inspirations, but aims to save couples' time, $$ and stress at the best.