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Ben Parr
Ben ParrHunter@benparr · Co-founder and CMO, Octane AI
LadyBrag is a simple but useful and elegant product from two badasses: Olivia June and Jen Aprahamian. They are driven by a single goal to build products that empower and inspire women to connect with each other and achieve more. I find that men often have a difficult time understanding that there really is a double standard when it comes to touting your own achievements -- it's still far more "acceptable" for a man to brag than a woman, which just makes no sense to me. It's great that #LadyBrag is a space where women can talk about their own accomplishments and be cheered on for it! Olivia and Jen are two people you need to be watching.
olivia june
olivia juneMaker@oliviajune · CEO, Co-Founder of VINA
Thanks for hunting @benparr! We're on a mission at VINA to connect, empower, and celebrate women. GUYS-- we can't do it all with out your support, though! While you can't brag, you can go on LadyBrag.com and send cheers to all the ladies out there doing great things! We're around all day, so ask us anything!
Jen Aprahamian
Jen AprahamianMaker@jennifermarie · Software Engineer @ Code For America
We can't wait to see what women are proud of today (and cheers them for it!). Brag on, ladies!