Ladders Referral Hiring

Earn money by referring friends to your company’s open jobs

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We're very pleased to be launching Referral Hiring. It's a great way to put cash in your pocket, and help your friends and company at the same time: 1 - Connect your networks 2 - We suggest which friends to recommend for which jobs at your company in a weekly email 3 - You click to recommend 4 - You collect check. So far, bonuses from companies have ranged from $250 to $10,000, with one or two grand being most typical. We put these pieces together based on what we know about jobs, companies, email, and recruiting, so we hope it works well for getting you an extra bump in your paycheck!
Solid next step for Ladders. Congrats on the launch!
@thekateyouknow Thanks so much Kate!
Hiring great people is vital to the success of every company. Ladders new Referral Hiring solution is a big help. Congrats!
@davidscacco thanks David. learned a lot from you as you helped start Google's sales team!!
Love this concept. Being on the recruiting space myself we constantly get asked for a strong referral solution.
@andresblank thanks so much Andres. even though recruiting online as been around 20 years, it is still early days!
This seems awesome