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Hey all, This is a little project I've been working on recently, that will start connecting next week. Engineers can receive job options anonymously and startups can hire great talent that wouldn't traditionally be on the market. With V1. Companies are sent a short summary with no identifiable information and can request to connect.
Nice, @brackin! I like that you're using Typeform as the MVP (cc @Smutchings, @DOkuniev). This has similarities to Hire My Friend and Developer Agents. What's the inspiration for Ladder?
@backin looks awesome, playing w/ it now.
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan. They're definitely fixing problems in the same space. We want to let an unfulfilled engineer receive great job options discreetly and let companies hire for specific roles under the radar. The SV hiring culture is likely to get even more competitive after the anti-poaching suits of late. @kevinrose Thanks man, appreciate your feedback.
this looks familiar.