LaCroix LaCola

LaCroix, the drink of tech giants, adds a cola flavor.

I live on LaCroix but I'm not sure about this. Has LaCroix jumped the shark???
@rrhoover The logo is kind of soothing, no?
How and when did La Croix become the drink of tech giants? I'm curious if La Croix even knows.
@katmanalac oh they know. We, The Secret Society of People Who Speak For All Techies Because We Are Cool Like That (TSSPWSFATBWACLT), have informed La Croix that the lack of LaCola in California may be the cause the next $1B+ company isn't formed. @rrhoover @semil @ptraughber
@micah @katmanalac we should have invested in $FIZZ first.
I love all the La Croix flavors equally like they are my children (except peach pear I'm kind of disappointed there) but LaCola is special. I didn't really believe it until I tried it recently when I was in Denver (to my knowledge it is not sold west of the Continental Divide (which divides the US into those with access to LaCola and those without)). The best description I have is like a sarsaparilla meets Coca Cola taste. It's a game changer.
@ptraughber I'm guessing its like Coors back in the day, where it was never taken over the Continental Divide because of altitude issues (can explosions). In fact, Smokey and the Bear, was about stealing a truckload of Coors and driving it out of Colorado. Perhaps LaCroix has a deal with Colorado?
Where are the ingredients on the website?! I've (mostly) switched to Zevia instead of Coke Zero to fuel my soda habit. But the new clear formula isn't as good as the old one that had caramel color. It's crazy how much of a difference caramel color made to the taste.
I can't even fathom it holding a candle to my beloved pamplemousse.