Fast, simple, powerful keyboard-driven commands for Mac

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Spotlight in OS X should be doing this. Love how it supports complex queries like this:
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@rrhoover You're aware "My last instagram photo" is just a subject, not the actual photo right?
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@thekitze good catch. I actually missed that but technically this functionality could be supported. Lots of opportunities to integrate with 3rd party API's to do things like: "Order me an Uber at Home" "Deliver Philz Silken Splendor on Postmates to my Office" "Send my girlfriend flowers on BloomThat in the next few hours"
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@rrhoover Yeah but until Google Now or Siri does that, don't expect that this app will do it. (I think that the new Google Assistant will be able to do complex queries, but I'm not sure how complex).
@thekitze @rrhoover You're right - Instagram functionality isn't implemented yet - but it will be soon.
@brandonhorst @rrhoover Cool, I wish you all the best. Can you tell me in which technology is the app built in? Are you maybe using Electron + React?
Lacona is available now and improving quickly. Check it out!
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@brandonhorst it will be always for free or you plan to introduce some premium features? btw - Lacona is more powerful than Alfred. cool product!
@denis_dybsky I plan to introduce paid features soon, within the next few weeks. Though a version will always be available for free.
@brandonhorst cool! thanks for info!
@brandonhorst congrats on the launch! and the PH recognition!
@brandonhorst Any plans for PC :)?
Looks great, I wonder how it would run paired with dictation.. Is this something that could be built into Lacona, automatically turn dictation on when it's called? Or should I look into AppleScript / Automator solution.. ?
@pjburnhill I would love to see something like that, but I would want to make sure it's done right before it's baked in - and with the Siri API rumored for announcement next week, I'd want to see what's up with that. Right now it would be really easy to make an Applescript shortcut which basically presses ALT+Space and then enables dictation (though activating Lacona via Applescript will be available with the next version).
@pjburnhill I was thinking the exact same thing. Since it uses natural language it would work really well paired with dictation. Would you mind letting me know if there is a AppleScript / Automator Solution available if you find one please? Thanks!
Looks like a good competitor for both Alfred and Fantastical that could do a lot more besides!
Terrible name choice for Portuguese and Spanish speakers
@iotncl Could you explain why? I admit that I didn't do my homework here, but Google Translate isn't helping me out.
@brandonhorst "la cona" means "the c*nt" in Portuguese and in Spanish la coña means "taking th p**s" Look it up in an online dictionary, Google translate can't handle things like these
@iotncl Ooh... that's pretty bad actually. I'm terribly sorry to the Portuguese speakers! Hopefully folks will be able to look past it - I'll make sure that the L is always capitalized in marketing materials.
@brandonhorst @iotncl I have to be honest, the name cracked me up because it’s just terrible. 😂 I know, my humour is childish.
@brandonhorst @iotncl Actually, we (Portuguese speakers) don't have articles starting with "l", as "la", "lo", etc... So, as a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker, I don't think Lacona is a bad name at all! (Also, "cona" isn't a word or slang in pt-BR).