Free yourself from the long flat list of product backlog

Manage your favourite projects with a new perspective, free yourself from the limitation of a long flat list of items. Lackid helps you always have the overview of the project without losing the details progress of any item at any time. Maximize the strength of Kanban with your custom views on custom properties.

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I like this as a concept of organising ideas, but for me it’s not fit for purpose as a replacement to a backlog. Backlogs are standard because they work, and they work because typically a developer or team of developers do one task, then the next, then the next, then the next. It’s a linear thing and backlogs are usually listed in order of priority. Your system makes it hard to work through a “backlog” as there are ideas and sections adjacent to each other. What’s supposed to come next. Anyway, excellent for non-technical idea visualisation. Not that great as a backlog management tool.
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@mickc79 thanks for your feedback. I would like to clarify a bit on supported views in lackid. 1. The hierarchy view is mainly for overviewing the project, providing the high-level conversation between parties. Traditionally, you'll have themes, epics, user stories and you'll use tags or prefixes to identify them or the relationship. Lackid makes it easier by providing the hierarchy view by showing them in groups and layers. Also with this view, you'll be able to brainstorm ideas easier as you mentioned. 2. There is also a familiar kanban view, which is mainly for the execution. You'll see your traditional long flat list of backlog items. Here, if your backlog is quite big, then I see that it's a bit difficult to prioritize them. For example, which items need to be released in alpha, beta version. Lackid can make this easier by providing another kanban view based on release property. So you just need to drag items into appropriate release list. When clicking the "fix orders", you'll have everything is prioritized as what you have on this board when navigating back to the status kanban view. You can have as many as you need this type of board. I hope that this could explain a bit about lackid doesn't break the traditional way of managing your backlog, it just provides additional perspectives to your backlog. Thanks, Cam
Hello Product Hunt, My name is Cam, I'm Vietnamese Developer. I built Lackid because I see that it's hard to manage product backlog of a startup project by a long list of items. Myself also launched a product before and I've realized that startups need a special tool for managing the project with flexibility in brainstorming ideas. Also, the overview should be always available so that everything is tracked. I'll try to answer the famous three: 1. What is it? It a new project management tool that allows managing backlog items in a few layers of decomposition (hierarchy). 2. How does it work? It displays all your backlog items on one screen in a hierarchy tree and provides the ability to manipulate with ease. It provides kanban board for managing item status and allows to add more custom kanban board for managing item based on custom properties such as release (alpha, beta, prod, etc...) or customer segment, risk, etc... 3. Why should you care? You will be in control of what is happening with your project with upfront status for any item. Your team members will quickly get the idea of the project and understand the relationship between components, functions, user stories... You can use kanban boards to prioritize items on any aspect of your backlog, not just limited to the status. The future release will provide many reports of time-use, task execution and team productivity I'm looking forward to your sharing your thoughts. Thanks, Cam
@hnvcam Very nice concept: I found a couple of bugs: 1. When you add too many items on the same row, in the tree view, and want to click on one to add a comment, you will have the impression that nothing happens because the edit panel will open outside the screen area on the left side. 2. I did something wrong, but I don't know what because the error message just says: "bad" Other than that, I really like this tool, it helps organising my ideas.
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thanks @vfdraganescu Glad that it could help you. I will fix the issues you mentioned. About the "bad" issue, it will be a lot easier for me if you can let me know the action. I think I've missed the translation for that exception :(. Anyway, I'll see if the app had sent the issue to GA. Many thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate that.