La Koketa app

Digitize your closet, get personalized outfits, shop smartly

La Koketa solves the everlasting problem “What to wear?” that every woman experiences every single day.
The unique algorithm based on AI combines your clothes with your fave brands in an endless feed with outfits and shows how new clothes match your wardrobe.
We are two young women living a hectic social and professional life. We work, we party, we travel, we shop and we always have the everlasting “what to wear?” question in mind. Basically, we fall asleep thinking about it and hoping to have the answer when we wake up. We do care about how we look, how we dress and what our style tells about us. That’s how we came up with the idea of La Koketa – a personal style adviser on your iPhone. Every woman is faced with the “What to wear?” problem and the need to create outfits for different occasions on a daily basis. Every morning instead of stressing out trying on different outfits and wasting valuable time, now we can simply input our preferences like brand, style, color, season (while drinking our morning coffee) and the sophisticated “What to wear?’ algorithm suggests a range of outfit ideas to choose from. La Koketa is designed to offers a personalized solution to the everlasting “What to wear?” question by combining your own clothes with your favorite brands in an endless feed with outfit ideas that can be continuously modified. The “What to wear?” algorithm also shows how new clothes match your wardrobe before buying them by tapping a single button, thus making shopping decisions smart and easy. Not to mention the fact that at the current hectic times when we want to augment the existing 24-hour day, La Koketa app is a real time savor that gives you the perfect outfit for any occasion with just a few taps. No matter if we have a date, a business lunch or a yoga class, La Koketa gives us great outfit ideas to help us look fabulous and confident in our own clothes. Now that we have La Koketa, we are more in-touch with our unique styles. We really enjoy creating outfits but more than that we enjoy having our style inspired.
Absolutely love the product UI! Are users able to purchase products directly within the app, or are they redirected to finalise this last step?
@lachlankirkwood Thank you very much! Yes, the users can buy products that match their closets as a final step. The app is integrated with an affiliated platform with thousands of top brands that are combined in outfits with users' own clothes based on their preferences for brands, styles and colors. The priority is with users' own clothes because the shopping experience is designed to add missing items to users' existing outfits rather than make them build new outfits and buy only new items.
@verygery Sounds great, really impressive! What affiliate platform have you been using? I've been looking to integrate an affiliate model into my own clothing blog 👍
@lachlankirkwood We were initially considering Amazon and Shopstyle, but eventually decided on the latter because their API offered relatively exhaustive identification of the different items carried in their database, which was a prerequisite for the outfit matching algorithm of La Koketa.