La Grande Evasion

Online radio with movie soundtracks. No ads.

La Grande Evasion (french for the Great Escape), is an online radio featuring movie soundtracks.
It is super sexy.
There are no ads.
Disclaimer: my cousin built this website. I have no interests in it.
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1 Review5.0/5
It has been online for a long time already. It's the perfect website with great music to focus in these times of WFH. There are great podcasts, in French though.
Gorgeous clean design!
Super intéressant j'avais vu un tweet de patrice cassard dessus. Curieux de connaitre le business model
@ayoub_hakdaoui oui, Patrice l’a vu ici et a tweeté dans la foulée. Le fondateur propose sa radio aux cinémas etc mais je n’en sais pas beaucoup plus.