KYZA Travel Wallet

Two wallets in one - for every adventure.

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Hey guys, thanks for having us on Product Hunt and a big shout out to @kwdinc for hunting our KYZA Travel Wallet! We’re really excited to be on here! I'm Nick, the Co-founder. We created KYZA because we wanted an integrated travel wallet that isn't limited to a single function. On our personal overseas trips, we found we were either: 1. Carrying a large, bulky wallet around with us everywhere we went which was uncomfortable 2. Bringing our everyday wallet from home to use day-to-day (this is especially not ideal if the wallet from home is expensive and has more card slots than you need) and bringing a separate bulky passport wallet for the airport We wanted a wallet that was compact, functional and stylish, that would allow us to keep our travel documents safe and have the capability to turn into a day-to-day wallet that fits in our pocket. Travelers should have the comfort of choosing what to carry, and when. And that's how we created the product. KYZA comes with two wallets-in-one; an outer wallet for airport essentials and an inner wallet for day-to-day travels. Both connecting via a slip in the outer wallet so travelers can use these together or separate. The outer wallet fits your passport, four secondary cards (backup credit cards, things you won't be carrying everyday) cash, boarding pass and comes with a slim pen. The inner wallet fits four primary cards (driver’s license, business card, credit card etc) and cash with three extra note slips. How do the two work together? Carry the inner and outer wallet connected to the airport, then remove the inner wallet once you arrive at your destination and use this day-to-day. Each wallet comes with a drawstring bag, so place the outer wallet in this bag and store away safely, with all your important documents, in your accommodation until your next destination. Really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this! We're also offering Product Hunt users $20 off with discount code: PH20 Thanks again for having us and looking forward to connecting. Nick & Jess
A good idea. I often travel and it would be convenient.
@yarik_chillom thanks Yarik! We created this wallet with convenience in mind. Appreciate the kind words!

Design Is Great Colours Are Stunning And Extremely Practical When Travelling


Function and Form



Thanks for the review, Louise. Glad you like it :). Happy travels!